Covi-19 Pandemic – Message to members

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the E3S would like to remind members of the following points when considering Sensory and Consumer testing:

  1. Each country is at a different stage in the pandemic and are facing slightly different challenges so please follow your own country’s government advice, legislation and public health guidelines.
  2. Consider your social responsibility the ethical considerations surrounding any testing during this pandemic. The health and safety of your panellists is your responsibility and is of paramount importance – do not put your panellists at any unnecessary risk.
  3. If considering Home-Use Testing or online methods of consumer evaluation (e.g. focus groups):
    • the delivery of samples should abide by good practices as per the health authority’s advice. In these cases, please consider the risks associated for your employees/contractors with the delivery of samples.
    • context effects/bias prompted by the reigning situation will be also expected in these cases and should be noted in the validity of the resulting data.
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