Altered Taste International Symposium: 3rd edition

3rd International Symposium on Altered Taste

14 – 15 September 2023 – Lyon, France

A changed relationship with food can occur for many reasons, from illness to aging to shifts in the food environment. The impact of this can range from a loss of pleasure in food and eating, to lower food intake and potential undernutrition, to diminished social engagement and even an altered relationships to oneself and the wider world. Sensory changes trigger disgust in foods once enjoyed, or even from the smell of a loved one. Food that was once delicious is now tasteless. Overall, altered taste and sensing can shift the valence of our encounters with food, cooking and eating, from being easy and enjoyable to being problematic and unpleasant.

In the 3rd International Symposium, are invited papers that consider these wider psychosocial and cultural dimensions of altered taste and eating. We will also address solutions to these problems, from the gastronomic to the social, to see how people cope with and compensate for altered taste. How does altered eating affect social relationships? What kinds of culinary solutions, strategies or interventions can address these issues above? How can we address the environmental dimensions of altered eating?

The symposium invites contributions from any discipline as well expert knowledge and particularly supports interdisciplinary papers. This symposium will bring together scientists, chefs and professionals interested in the topic of altered taste and potential food solutions.

14th September: Culinary Workshop at the Institute Paul Bocuse (5 – 7 pm)

At the Institute Paul Bocuse
Chefs and scientists will exchange and participant will attend a culinary demo together with tasting samples
A networking drink will close the session (7 to 8.30 pm).

The Symposium launch event coincides with World Taste and Smell Day 2023

15th September: Conference

Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie, Lyon 
A selection of talks and posters from the received proposals will bring various persectives on the question of psychosocial and cultural elemets important to understanding altered taste. 

Full program:

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