Call for a new E3S Working Group: “Texture perception and oral processing”

Paula Varela (NSN, Norway) and Amparo Tarrega (AEPAS, Spain)  would like to propose a new E3S Working Group “Texture perception and oral processing” and are looking for interested participants:

Background: Texture perception and oral processing play a significant role in food choices, healthy eating, and preferences. Texture is a key element in food choice and intake, drives acceptance and rejection, influence food selection and portion size estimation, satiety as well as intake. Texture perception has been historically understudied (as compared to taste and odour), but it has gained new attention due to its role in oral processing and satiety perception, and its link to societal issues such as obesity. Oral processing prepares food for swallowing and digestion, plays a key role in sensory perception, preferences, and food intake. Food texture contributes to satiation and satiety by moderating eating rate,  influences the oral phase of digestion and the subsequent metabolic response to ingested nutrients.

Vision of the WG: Promoting a better understanding of the role of food texture perception and oral processing in sensory experiences, preferences and food related beahaviour.

Objectives: to facilitate the exchange of research-based knowledge and experiences, map gaps in knowledge, current methods, find areas of common interest, develop guidelines, and set up potential projects together.

Please send your interest to Paula Varela cc Amparo Tarrega

It is planned to organize the first meeting in the summer.

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