MARS Petcare Europe (northern Germany) is looking to fill a senior sensory scientist position in his consumer & sensory science team. Please find here after a description of the main responsibilities of the position offered.

• Lead European MARS petcare sensory capability:

– Accountable of sensory panel quality

– Interface between MARS & Sensory agencies (Responsible of sensory project planning, budget & invoice management

– R&D sensory key contact (sensory request management, sensory report management, sensory knowledge management)

• Provide research design recommendation in sensory & consumer science to EU MARS Petcare R&D

–  Support actively R&D associates in designing sensory & consumer research

• Sensory & consumer science expert of EU MARS Petcare R&D

– New sensory & consumer science methodology scouting (Conference active participation, Large sensory network)

–  Responsible of scientific sensory communication (Digital sensory network leader, Presentations in International conferences  such as Pangborn)

• Responsible of European scale and sophisticated sensory & consumer science projects in order to generate key sensory & consumer insights for the business

–  Leader of Sensory & consumer science projects which combine state of the art sensory & consumer methodologies

–  In-depth sensory market understanding

–  Identify actionable consumer insights for the business to support product optimization

Necessary education (e.g.: business related or technical apprenticeship, accountant etc):
University degree in Sensory Science, Consumer Science, Psychology or related fields

Required skills (e.g.: SAP-knowledge etc)
Numeracy & relevant IT Skills (MS Office, C5, Fizz, Stat packages like R, Minitab, SPSS, SAS)
Presentation Skills
Fluent in English – ability of a 2nd language would be advantageous

Required job experience (e.g.: 5 years)
Relevant (5 years +) experience in Sensory & Consumer Science including professional placements during academic studies

Please contact L.Haller if interested:

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