16th Sensometrics Conference

November 15-17, 2022

The Sensometric Society is pleased to announce a virtual Sensometrics meeting 2022. 

Similar to the 2020 meeting and to maximize potential attendance across regions, the meeting will be held in the morning Eastern Time / afternoon Central European Time / late evening/night CST/SGT. 

Abstract Submission is available via Oxford Abstracts.

Sensometric Society invites contributions from all areas of Sensometrics. Focus will be on oral presentations; poster sharing might be possible if desired but be limited to the conference website/program without dedicated poster sessions.

Abstracts should be clear and concise and no longer than 400 words. 

Abstract submission deadline is October 17, 2022. Unlike typical conferences, this is quite close to the meeting which implies that it is deemed very unlikely the deadline will be extended.  

Authors will be contacted within one week of acceptance/rejection of their submission.

All authors are invited to submit a paper to a Virtual Special issue of Food Quality and Preference by the end of 2022. Any papers that might already be under review for this journal are cordially invited to have it moved to the virtual special issue (note that the VSI will not delay publication, but only increase reach as being featured online in the VSI.), For any questions on the VSI, please contact sensometrics2022@gmail.com . The journal’s submission system will accept submissions to the VSI starting about early September. Please choose article type “Sensometrics 2022 VSI” and select Sara Jaeger as editor.

If you want to be informed by email about major updates regarding the conference, you can sign up to our email list.

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