Cosmetic & Sensory


26-27 June 2012, Tours, France

Touch, sight, smell, sensorial construction, the translation of emotion inside the brain, sensorial design: sensorial experience sums up each of these notions in various ways.
At the crossroads of science, marketing, brand DNA and new and future trends, sensorial experience also sums up the different aspects of the cosmetics sector. Thus, the meeting is dedicated to this industry.
Sensorial experience is developed and grows from experiments in various scientific disciplines (biology, biophysics, neurobiology, sensorial chemistry, etc.) and different industrial sectors (cosmetics, textile, automotive, luxury, agribusiness, etc.).

COSMETIC & SENSORY 2012 proposes an all-around look at everything sensorial by adopting a fresh approach and giving center stage to scientists, R&D researchers, marketing experts, innovative smaller companies and large groups.

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