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Applied Sensory and Consumer Science Certificate Program

UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education

Starting September 28th 2020

An Innovative, Online Program for Sensory Science Professionals

UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education is the industry-recognized leader in the education of sensory science professionals. Approved by the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology, our online program is the only one of its kind and is continually updated to reflect current and innovative methods in the area of sensory science and consumer testing. Join our global community of sensory science professionals.

What You’ll Learn

Designed for working professionals, this program combines academic and real-world expertise and explores new techniques, as well as the foundational theory behind current methods of sensory evaluation for both edible and non-edible products. Program objectives include:

  • Physiological and psychological bases for sensory evaluation and consumer testing
  • Basic methods, theories and approaches used in the execution of sensory evaluation and consumer testing research
  • Management of sensory evaluation and consumer testing resources, activities and their interaction with other business units
  • Exploratory research techniques
  • Current business applications 

How You’ll Benefit

The program features:

  • Online convenience
  • Practical skills and techniques that can be used immediately in workplace
  • Access to veteran instructors who are international leaders in the field
  • Exceptional networking opportunities with instructors and cohorts from around the world

Applications Deadline: 15th September 2020

Weblink to course:


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Altered Taste Symposium at the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center

Lyon, Postponed to 2021

Due to coronavirus we postpone this event, initially programmed in september 2020, so the speakers may be different in 2021.

An interest in food and maintaining the pleasure in eating is important for everyone but essential in fragile populations. Various factors are involved in loss of appetite and loss of motivation to eat among which sensory alterations are particularly important in specific groups. For instance, older elderly may have difficulties to chew or to swallow, cancer patients under chemotherapy may have olfactory troubles and so on.

The symposium aims at providing scientific and expert knowledge on underlying mechanisms and the role of culinary know-how to increase meal pleasure and thus food intake. Such strategies based on better understanding and enhancing the hedonic value of the eating experience could help against undernourishment and meet nutritional requirements for targeted populations.

The objective of the conference session is to present scientific knowledge and recent results of a variety of studies on “taste alteration” covering all the sensory modalities of food tasting, in relation to ageing or pathologies.


Duika Burges WatsonHead of Altered Eating Research Network at Newcastle University.

Agnès Giboreau, Head of the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center


Taste and Flavour Master class with chefs and food service experts.
The objective of the master class with professionals is to share experience on culinary solutions bringing food enjoyment to individuals with taste alterations.

Maggie Beer is an Australian cooking icon, leading the famous Barossa Pheasant Farm Restaurant in the Barossa Valley.

Julien Ferretti is a chef & culinary project leader in the Innovation team of the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center.

Program and Registration

For any question, please contact us at

To have access to all their events: events




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Nordic Sensory Workshop 2021



27 – 28 April 2021

As a result of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, the 18th Nordic Sensory Workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden will be postponed  to next year.

The new dates are 27-28 of April 2021.

The venue will remain the same.
All registrations will be valid for the new dates.

If you like to cancel your registration, please send an e-mail to with your cancellation.

The aim of the workshop is to give specific attention on how we can communicate the added value that sensory and consumer sciences bring to industry and society. Building a strong bridge between research, industry and final user depends on how we communicate our findings. Storytelling of where and when sensory and consumer studies made a difference for research, product development, new foods acceptance, sustainable society, education, etc.

The workshop focuses mainly on food but other applications where the understanding of the senses plays a key role are also considered. Industry experts and scientists working with sensory and consumer science have the chance to meet and discuss challenges, learnings and possible directions for a better integration of scientific methods, product development and the final user.

Further information


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SenseAsia 2021

5- 7 December 2021 | Cairns, Queensland, Australia

The 4th Asian Sensory and Consumer Research Symposium

The 4th edition of the Symposium will focus on providing updates on key areas in sensory and consumer science by the world’s experts in these fields. In addition, the meeting will be a showcase for Asian scientific and industrial practitioners to present their research in a prestigious, international context.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 9 July 2021

Oral and paper abstracts are now invited on the following topics. They should be submitted using the online abstract submission system

Conference topics:

  • Basic processes: psychophysics and physiology
  • Developments in measures of food choice/preference
  • Developments in sensory measures
  • Sensory science and health
  • Food choice and consumer behavior
  • Cross-cultural influences on food choice
  • Sensometrics
  • Sensory and consumer research into non-food products
  • Applications of sensory methods
  • Sensory and culinary


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Conference on Food Reformulation – Regulation and Marketing

June 18-19, 2020, Technical University of Munich, Campus Freising POSTPONED!

In light of the current spread of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and uncertainty about travel conditions the Organizing Committee has decided to cancel the meeting for the time of 18-19 June and to postpone it to a later date. We will provide you with more details soon and thank you for your understanding.

Reformulating processed food products regarding salt, sugar, or fat content is a promising strategy to provide consumers with healthier alternatives within usually purchased categories. However, consumer acceptance, food processor and retailer actions, as well as regulatory approaches face multidimensional constraints that are not well understood yet. This conference aims at bringing together researchers from fields such as consumer science, economics, marketing, food and sensory science, and law. Our objective is to stimulate interdisciplinary development and discussion of scientific insights related to healthy and sustainable food reformulation as well as consequences for practical implementation in business and policymaking.

We invite submissions of empirical and theoretical research papers that advance methods and knowledge on the topic.

Specific topics can include:

  • Consumer perception, choice, and adoption of new or reformulated food products
  • Strategic aspects and competitiveness of product reformulation
  • Reformulation potential from a technological perspective
  • Marketing of reformulated food products
  • Food law and legal issues
  • Regulatory efforts in food reformulation

Contributors are asked to prepare a two-page abstract and submit it until Friday, January 24, via the conference website:


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Sensometrics 2020

October 6-9 2020, virtual conference

Deadline for abstracts is June 15, more info:

Sensometrics conferences are arranged on behalf of Sensometric society.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the conference programme has been subject to major changes. The conference will be held as a virtual conferences. The conference will be held October 6-9th – 4 hours of presentations/workshops each day starting at 16:00 CEST / 14:00 UTC / 23:00 JST / 10:00 EDT / 07:00 PDT16:00 CET

The Sensometric Society Conference brings together world’s leading statisticians, psychologists, sensory scientists and market researchers with a common interest in solving problems of measurement and data analysis in the areas of sensory and consumer science. We hope that you will join us. It will be a good opportunity to initiate new collaborations and new networks, as well as to contribute to the development of the discipline.

Scope and topics

The main aims of the Sensometrics conferences are:

  • to increase the awareness of the special methodologies and statistical methods used in the analysis of sensory and con-sumer science data,
  • to improve the communication and co-operation between persons interested in the scientific principles, methods and applications of sensometrics
  • to serve as an interdisciplinary meeting to disseminate sci-entific knowledge on the field of sensometrics.

Further information on

Sensometrics2020 info


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