E3S Workshop at Eurosense 1

E3S Workshop – Taste sensitivity Part I : Implication of taste sensitivity on food preference and food behavior (E3S Workshop)
Monday 12th September 2016, 11:30-13:00
Room: Musigny – Pommard – Volnay
Chair: E. Monteleone, J. Hort & M. Hersleth

11:30-11:45 [E3SWK01]
Super-taster, thermal taster or sweet-liker: Where are we with individual variation inperception?
R. Ford*, Q. Yang, J. Hort
University of Nottingham, UK
11:45-12:00 [E3SWK02]
Does basic taste sensitivity play a role on preschoolers’ preferences for foods withcharacteristic taste profiles?
V. Almli*, F. Vennerød, M. Hersleth
Nofima, Norway
12:00-12:15 [E3SWK03]
Long-term study on taste sensitivity in elderly (>65)
A. Bongartz*2,3, A. Schmid1, B. Guggenbühl1,3, C. Brombach2, P. Piccinali1,3
1Agroscope ILM, Switzerland, 2Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, 3Swiss Sensory Science Group, Switzerland
12:15-12:30 [E3SWK04]
The impact of chemotherapy on food perception
A. Giboreau
Institut Paul Bocuse, France
12:30-12:45 [E3SWK05]
Exploring the effect of individual differences in taste sensitivity, perception andpsychological traits on food preferences among Italians: The Italian Taste project
C. Dinnella*, E. Monteleone, F. Gasperi, I. Endrizzi, F. Sinesio, S. Spinelli, M. Laureati, E. Pagliarini, L. Torri, N. Pirastu, T.G. Toschi, A. Bendini, S. Predieri
SISS – Italian Sensory Science Society, Italy
12:45-13:00 [E3SWK06]
PrefQuest & PrefTest: A questionnaire and a set of sensory tests for measuring-liking for salt, sweet and fat
P. Schlich*1, A. Deglaire1,2, C. Urbano1,3
1INRA, France, 2AgroCampus Ouest, France, 3SensoStat, France