Report E3S Student Award 2016 – Cristina Proserpio

CRISTINA PROSERPIO, University of Milan, Italy

Awarded for: Impact of BMI and gender on cross-modal interactions in custard dessert

Cristina Proserpio

I would like to thank the European Sensory Science Society (E3S) for the student award that I received during the Seventh EuroSense conference which was recently held in Dijon, France. It was really a pleasure for me to listen to the words said by prof. Joanne Hort during the cerimony about the high quality of the researches which have been awarded.

The theme of the congress this year was “A Sense of Time”, since it is now time to sense how time has inspired the sensory community. This was my first attendance at a Eurosense conference and it was an amazing experience. The different oral sessions, workshops and posters presented satisfied the expectations. As a final year PhD student, an oral presentation and a poster presentation were great opportunities to present my studies to an international audience and evaluate it through later discussion with many experts in different research fields.

One of the most gratifying aspects was to meet and discuss with people from different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds and also to meet the authors of the literature that have inspired me. I am very glad to had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other researchers and I appreciated the collaborative atmosphere and the willingness to share knowledge. In particular, I enjoyed the two E3S workshops about taste sensitivity since a part of my PhD was aimed to study the taste sensitivity in relation to the nutritional status of the subjects. During these workshops this complex topic was nicely highlighted and deepened.

It was also great to meet all the members of the E3S student group. It was important to have the opportunity to speak directly with other PhD students about our growing group. I think that speaking about research together with other passionate people adds joy and creative spirit.


To sum-up, I would like to express my gratitude to E3S for supporting my attendance at EuroSense. Finally, I recommend to the members of the E3S community to attend to Eurosense as it provides useful insights in recent sensory and consumer research.

I hope to see you all at the next EuroSense to be held in my lovely country, Italy (Verona).

Cristina Proserpio